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село горбачи при Людково/Астапово (13/03/1942 В. Oтечеств.)

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I'm sorry not to speak Russian properly ... I'm searching for a village in the Мосальский район: Gorbachi (горбачи) near Ljudkovo (Людково) north of the A 101. My grand uncle (a private in the German Wehrmacht) was killed in горбачи on 13 March 1942. He has never been officially buried, so his body still rests in the area. His unit was based in Astapovo (Астапово). They attacked горбачи in the early, very winterly morning of 13 March 1942, the Soviet army defended горбачи successfully so that the Wehrmacht had to retreat on the same day.

Does anyone have more information about the village of горбачи? Does it still exist nowadays? Is there any public bus service from Mosalsk at least to Людково? It would be great if someone whose family members were affected by the fighting in the горбачи area could contact me for sharing information.

I will be visiting your region this summer. Takze mowie po-polsku, ich spreche auch deutsch, j'aussi parle le francais.

Большое спасибо!

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Interesting. Are you a German?
I'm not fond of Mosalsk's history but I can help you to keep in touch with people, who are, but not english-speakers. Also I can tell you a little about Людково. If you need, you can send me a private message. I'll be waiting for.

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ТС ищет тело дедушки, рядового вермахта, погибшего 13 марта 1942 года под Людково, в деревне Горбачи, похоронен официально не был, отряд базировался в Астапово. Собирается летом приехать, интересуется, есть ли тут автобусное сообщение до Людково и существует ли еще та деревня, Горбачи.

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Если быть точным, то двоюродного дедушки

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Привет Борман,

thanks a lot for your quick response and for translating my posting! I'd like to send you a private message, but I can't find your address here ... mine should be visible now. Sorry, it's a bit confusing for me to operate on a website in Cyrillic :-)

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I've sent you a letter, check your box

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Мы сейчас ведем переписку, вскоре я переведу и выложу самое важное. На мой взгляд, история весьма занятная.

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Hello! My name's Vladimir. im fond of Mosalsks war history. So if its of any help to you, im willing to drive you around the area and show you the battlefields.

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Влад, не забыл об этой теме?